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LVL Review

Hey there, Just a quick review on the LVL lashes I had done on me today.. I was inundated with the same questions so hopefully this will answer most of your queries. If I have missed something out please let me know and I will try to update it.. I have had LVL done 2 times before and this was my 3rd and I decided to try Fatimah Vadia (based in south Manchester) – who is also an amazing makeup artist so I knew she had high standards and wouldn’t offer a service that she wasn’t 100% with.  She does ask you go in for a patch test first to ensure you don’t have an adverse reaction to the products. The process took roughly an hour. The common questions I received: What is it..? what does it do..? The LVL technique is a semi permanent ‘lift’ to your natural lashes.  it curls your natural lashes upwards to make your lashes look va va voom and for me it makes my eyes look more open.. it doesn’t extend your lashes but it looks like it has.. Does it hurt? No, no pain was involved. Some people may find it a little uncomfortable but for me it was fine.  You do need to keep your eyes closed for the full process..! Does it damage your lashes? Naturally, I have been blessed with thick, dark long lashes but, they are poker straight to the point they droop down instead of up, which closes off my eye shape.  The 1st two people I had gone to were not fantastic in quality but in all honesty it hadn’t damaged my lashes either.  I didn’t get any lashes falling out and I haven’t noticed any reduction in growth.  I have never done this back to back […]

March 28, 2018 0
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Istanbul Trip

Hey there, Im going to set the scene and start from the beginning…! ( feel free to skip) I am one of those people that like to be in control, if I am planning a holiday then I like to do my research and plan months ahead..  I like to be prepared!!! when the opportunity came up to go Istanbul  – I was ummm’ing and ahhhh’ing for a while and in the end it became very last minute for my liking but the only time I can get away is during school holidays and the deals were much cheaper at this time of year for Istanbul, I wasn’t prepared to pay premium peak season rates for a quick break. – I would rather do long haul for a similar cost. I was pre-warned it would be cold and I asked people (via instagram) whether it was worth going during winter…  I did get a very varied response but in the end my son said its better to go somewhere than nowhere..! so we booked..! it was our first holiday with just the 2 of us and I was a little nervous about how my son would find it as we have always taken my nephews on our family hols and its just much more fun in general when there is more company. I knew I wanted a luxury hotel in the Sultanahmet area (best area to stay in for the proximity to blue mosque and main museums)  I was considering Hotel Sura Hagia Sophia (the location of this hotel is awesome but the bathroom reviews on Tripadvisor put me off) and I went with a relatively new hotel called Ajwa.  Can I just say this hotel was luxury..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. I didn’t take any bathroom toiletries as they had all molten […]

March 04, 2018 0
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