Product Review: Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove vs Washing by hand

Nov 11, 2014 Sigma Glove

Hello there..!

So 1st of all thankyou for coming over to the ‘so-called’ blogging section of my website. I will try to be an avid blogger from now on.. I promise..!! (I wished..!).  Yes I did start the blog with the intention of being an extremely informative MUA (makeup artist) but unfortunately or maybe fortunately I just dont have the time to spend writing..  I get my quick fix of social media/ networking from Instagram and Facebook ( so last year.. i know..!)

Okies so this blog post which is self explanatory is a totally honest product review.  *Disclaimer* The opinions are my own and are in no way affiliated to anyone else..

Yes I caved in like the makeup junkie I am and bought the Brush Cleaning Glove.. I got the SPA  X2 – which has 2 thumbs on it thinking this is amazing… It promises a deeper faster clean. With over 100 brushes to wash in one sitting I want to save time..!

It cost me £34.95 plus £3.00 for p&p – so immediately thats a lot of money for a silicone glove which quite frankly is not that different from the oven gloves.  My expectations were high – I ‘expect’ my brushes to be super clean and not take me long to do it..!!

Sigma Glove


So the packaging is simple which is fine I guess but the 1st negative comment – it doesn’t come with any instructions.. Yes its pretty basic to use, why do i need instructions you ask..?! well I wanted to know the best way to use the product.  There is a barcode thing at the back of the packging which tells me to scan to see some video.. but I haven’t figured that out..

Inside the silicone glove is also a towel type glove aswell.. Im not entirely sure why but i’m assuming its to keep your hand dry…?!

So lets go straight into the brush cleaning test. I picked 6 brushes per test. They have all been used once and had a similar amount of product on them..

Dirty Brushes

So first I used the glove and I also timed myself .  Deep cleaning 6 brushes it took me about 10min – swirling the brushes round the various sections of the glove and then finally making sure all the shampoo was thoroughly washed out- thats a long time me thinks..

Second I used my normal method of hand washing, which is to put some shampoo in  my hand and swirl the brush around working the product out of the bristles. This took me about 5 min.

So… on the time saving verdict…..

Sigma Glove VS Hand Washing = FAIL

Why..??!? you ask.. well.. when using the glove I had to keep swirling the shampoo into the bristles on various parts of the glove to make sure they were cleansed properly…  With my hands I can immediately work/ massage the shampoo where I need it. Quite simply I can feel what i’m doing to the brush/ bristles and where the shampoo is going.

The actual results of the clean…

so did the glove provide a deep clean..?  YES it did…  They were throughly clean and believe me I checked properly for any flaws.. .

Was it any better than using my hand.. NO

Brushes Cleaned

So super quick summary…  overall if I had the chance to return the product I definately would – I would have better spent the £40 on buying some more makeup..

Would I recommend it..? not really, like I said your money could be better spent elsewhere – it wasnt exceptional like other bloggers have made it out to be. SORRY SIGMA..!!

Hope that was useful – Feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you thought of the review..


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Stay SAFE..!!


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