Glamcor Makeup Brushes

Mar 24, 2015

I know followers will be disappointed on my lack of posts.. life is way too busy and thats a really good thing. ūüôā I wont promise a date on my next post, but I will post it on my social media when I¬†get a chance to write it up (Clarins moisturiser vs Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream). ¬†You can follow me on Instagram: @shafika_makeupartist or Facebook: Shafika Sodawala

So today’s post is about my favourite brushes. These are an American brand called Glamcor. ¬†Im going to tell you about my fave brushes from their range.

I need to specifically talk to you guys about the quality of these brushes.  The handles are smooth and dense. They are a white colour. Glamcor made them like this to ensure you CLEAN your brushes. There is nothing worse than manky / dirty brushes.  Their ethos as you will see on their youtube videos do focus on keeping your tools/ workstations / makeup clean and sanitised.

Their website is




So I have bought a lot of items from the Glamcor brand and I love them all individually. ¬†With my initial purchase of the portable case, lighting, trolley and bag, the Glamcor team were kind enough to send me a complimentary “Finish Brush” and to say it was love at first use is putting it mildly… This brush is just amazing especially when used to apply liquid/ cream foundations. I use it now mainly ¬†to buff the foundation into the skin and the name is very apt, the ‘finish’ this brush gives is unlike any other I have used. ¬†If you see my ¬†real client work on FB or insta, all of my finishing/ foundation work is done with this brush or the buffer brush. I use nothing else for foundation work. ¬†Again the quality of this brush deserves a 10/10.. Its very dense and tightly packed.. I have had minimal fallout and I sometimes clean my brushes several times a day / 7 days a week, the shape has not changed, the brush is near on in perfect condition. ¬†One of my ‘finish’ brushes which is 2 years old looks exactly the same as a new one I bought a couple of months ago. ¬†If you look after them I can imagine them lasting you a good 10 years if not more. ¬†Its definately a worthwhile investment. ¬†Yes it isn’t on the cheap side and for those that know me know I wouldn’t recommend something that I don’t absolutely love. <3 <3 <3





The Buffer brushes I bought last year and this time it wasn’t something I immediately liked. ¬†I bought 4 because they were half price and I wasn’t going to let them get away..! ¬†The brush is a lot smaller and more similar in size to the MAC 130 (these are the brushes I replaced). The handle is the same as the Finish brush. The hairs are synthetic and tightly packed but has flexibility to apply foundation by sweeping or stippling motions and gets into all the areas you cant with a normal foundation brush.. It feels soft and luxurious on the skin. I think because I was so comfortable using the MAc 130 brush it took me a couple of uses to start loving this Buffer brush but now I know how to work it I dont see myself using any other one to apply foundation with. ¬†It works beautifully with liquids and creams and with a little practise and the right amount of product the buffing qualities are pretty much airbrush like… Its a dream to clean with IPA. I have had zero fall out.




This is like your staple pencil brush, its a must have for anyone’s kit whether you are a makeup artist or not. Its smudges and smoulders eyeshadows really well.. It also helps to blend or defuse a cut -crease/ socket line.

The fabulous Erik Kaiser at the Glamcor Team has graciously offered my followers a discount on the brushes. You will need to quote “shafika_makeupartist” at the time of ordering. ¬†Follow the link to the website and place an order via the contact form.¬†

There we are…. my faves frrom the GLAMCOR set..! ūüôā until next time..! xo xo

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