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Hello fellow readers..!!

Welcome to my brand spanking new blog..

This will be my forum for exciting news, ‘behind the scenes’ antics on photoshoots, bridal work, my advice and just regular things I would like to share with my readers..!

I have  not written articles for a while now so if things are a bit random, then bear with it..! The blog will get better once I find my feet..

Who am I?

I would like to call myself a quirky, funny, easy – going, talkative ’20 something’ ¬†freelance makeup artist based in Manchester. Me and my trusty car drive all over the U.K beautifying brides. Over the years I have also forged my way into the fashion/ commercial industry. I am equally passionate about both aspects of being a Makeup Artist as I get to do beauty, creative, commercial, editorial, avant garde…. basically I have one of the most diverse but best jobs I could ever have..!! My passion for what I do is shown in my work and personality. Check out my portfolio..!

I have a gorgeous 3 year old “energetic” son, who is my driving force to be the best I can be in life.. (but also because I do genuinely love being a makeup artist)

You will notice I will probably not post many pics of myself – I currently hate having pics taken :-/ I have the same hang ups as all you people out there..

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog posts and feel free to leave comments.


“The importance of skincare and my recommendations”



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