The essentials to skincare

Apr 04, 2012

Please click the above title link to read full post Hello fellow readers.. Apologies for the late 2nd post – life has been manically busy lately.. I’m trying to multi-task whilst entertaining 3 energetic boys in the house and typing this article.. Yes im on fire..! wooo..! So I recently ( :-/ by recent I do mean a couple of months) put up a Facebook status about using eye creams and was inundated with private messages asking me to recommend some products… So here goes… There is more to skincare that just eye cream so im trying to cram lots of useful info for you guys without it getting boring..! As a working makeup artist I regularly come across girls even as young as 16/ 17 with wrinkles and bad skin due to neglect. My thoughts are it is NOT normal to have wrinkles or ageing so young.! There is no excuse for premature ageing of the skin (unless there are medical reasons at play..!)  If you are a daily makeup wearer it is essential you instill in your life a daily skincare routine. Remember the better your skin is the less makeup you will need or have to wear..! Lets start with the basics… There are 3 steps:

  1. Cleanse & Condition
  2. Hydrate & Tone
  3. Moisturise & Revive

Yes we all wash our faces and remove our makeup appropriately – if you don’t then there is no help for you..! You will need to get to grips with yourself to avoid looking old before your years..! Avoid using soaps, they dry out the skins natural oils and acids and removing them with soap can lead to blocked pores, blackheads and in some cases spots..! Use a face cloth and gently scrub your face to remove the dead skin cells to promote better blood circulation and help your skin breath..! I love my face cloth & face loofah from the bodyshop..! Cheap and cheerful..!












The next step is to Hydrate & Tone.. Some may ask “what’s that..??!” You have just cleansed your skin and now you need to remove the residue, soothe and prepare your skin for a good FEED of moisturiser..! You wouldn’t paint a new wall without using a a base coat, your skin is the same, you shouldn’t use a moisturiser without the prep work first..! The last step is to moisturise and revive..!! There goes my attempt at trying to keep this blog post short..! 🙁 There is so much more I want to add to this so a 2nd part to this post will come along sometime in the future..!


First and foremost, Im just a regular girl who doesn’t have an unlimited budget to spend on skincare so I only be recommend items that I can afford, have used or currently use. Hope this helps..!! I swear by my Clinique and Clarins Products.. When I suffered from major acne, outbreaks and very oily skin I used the Clinique 3 stepproducts. Their website can work out which combination of products are best suited for you.. or alternatively go to Boots (because you get lots of points) and get some help from the ladies at the counter..

I absolutely love the Dramatically Different Moisturiser – its great and there are two versions one for dry & oily skins which is really important for me..!

Clinique Moisturiser





As my skin is very reactive to the weather I also suffer from dry skin.. At these times I use Clarins.. This brand for me is affordable luxury. Yes I would love to be able to buy the Laura Mercier or Crème Da Lamer range but lets face it I cant bring myself to spend that much on creams..! The Products I currently use are:

  • Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser wt Cottonseed for Normal/ Combination Skin – £17.50
  • Clarins Toning Lotion With Iris ‘Combination/Oily Skin’ – £17.50
  • Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising lotion – £29.00
  • Clarins Eye Contour Balm – £28.00

Other Eye Creams I recommend are:

  • Clinique – Repairwear Intensive Eye Cream – £26
  • LAURA MERCIER – Repair Eye Cream – £62 from House of Fraser, SpaceNK, John Lewis
  • No 7 (Boots own brand) Protect & Perfect Eye Cream  – £16

**ALWAYS REMEMBER IF YOU WANT TO TRY BEFORE YOU BUY THEN ASK FOR SAMPLES..!!!! Thankyou for reading..! All feedback is welcome …!! Stay tuned for my next post on how to actually use eye creams to get the best results..!! you dont need to use as much as you think..!! Less is the key..! Hopefully within the next few days..!! 🙂 xxx

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