Sigma Glove

Hello there..! So 1st of all thankyou for coming over to the ‘so-called’ blogging section of my website. I will try to be an avid blogger from now on.. I promise..!! (I wished..!).  Yes I did start the blog with the intention of being an extremely informative MUA (makeup artist) but unfortunately or maybe fortunately I just dont have the time to spend writing..  I get my quick fix of social media/ networking from Instagram and Facebook ( so last year.. i know..!) Okies so this blog post which is self explanatory is a totally honest product review.  *Disclaimer* The opinions are my own and are in no way affiliated to anyone else.. Yes I caved in like the makeup junkie I am and bought the Brush Cleaning Glove.. I got the SPA  X2 – which has 2 thumbs on it thinking this is amazing… It promises a deeper faster clean. With over 100 brushes to wash in one sitting I want to save time..! It cost me £34.95 plus £3.00 for p&p – so immediately thats a lot of money for a silicone glove which quite frankly is not that different from the oven gloves.  My expectations were high – I ‘expect’ my brushes to be super clean and not take me long to do it..!!   So the packaging is simple which is fine I guess but the 1st negative comment – it doesn’t come with any instructions.. Yes its pretty basic to use, why do i need instructions you ask..?! well I wanted to know the best way to use the product.  There is a barcode thing at the back of the packging which tells me to scan to see some video.. but I haven’t figured that out.. Inside the silicone glove is also a towel type […]

Please click the above title link to read full post Hello fellow readers.. Apologies for the late 2nd post – life has been manically busy lately.. I’m trying to multi-task whilst entertaining 3 energetic boys in the house and typing this article.. Yes im on fire..! wooo..! So I recently ( :-/ by recent I do mean a couple of months) put up a Facebook status about using eye creams and was inundated with private messages asking me to recommend some products… So here goes… There is more to skincare that just eye cream so im trying to cram lots of useful info for you guys without it getting boring..! As a working makeup artist I regularly come across girls even as young as 16/ 17 with wrinkles and bad skin due to neglect. My thoughts are it is NOT normal to have wrinkles or ageing so young.! There is no excuse for premature ageing of the skin (unless there are medical reasons at play..!)  If you are a daily makeup wearer it is essential you instill in your life a daily skincare routine. Remember the better your skin is the less makeup you will need or have to wear..! Lets start with the basics… There are 3 steps: Cleanse & Condition Hydrate & Tone Moisturise & Revive Yes we all wash our faces and remove our makeup appropriately – if you don’t then there is no help for you..! You will need to get to grips with yourself to avoid looking old before your years..! Avoid using soaps, they dry out the skins natural oils and acids and removing them with soap can lead to blocked pores, blackheads and in some cases spots..! Use a face cloth and gently scrub your face to remove the dead skin cells to promote […]

Please click on link above to read full post Hello fellow readers..!! Welcome to my brand spanking new blog.. This will be my forum for exciting news, ‘behind the scenes’ antics on photoshoots, bridal work, my advice and just regular things I would like to share with my readers..! I have  not written articles for a while now so if things are a bit random, then bear with it..! The blog will get better once I find my feet.. Who am I? I would like to call myself a quirky, funny, easy – going, talkative ’20 something’  freelance makeup artist based in Manchester. Me and my trusty car drive all over the U.K beautifying brides. Over the years I have also forged my way into the fashion/ commercial industry. I am equally passionate about both aspects of being a Makeup Artist as I get to do beauty, creative, commercial, editorial, avant garde…. basically I have one of the most diverse but best jobs I could ever have..!! My passion for what I do is shown in my work and personality. Check out my portfolio..! I have a gorgeous 3 year old “energetic” son, who is my driving force to be the best I can be in life.. (but also because I do genuinely love being a makeup artist) You will notice I will probably not post many pics of myself – I currently hate having pics taken :-/ I have the same hang ups as all you people out there.. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog posts and feel free to leave comments. COMING UP IN MY NEXT POST: “The importance of skincare and my recommendations” xxx