Hey there, Im going to set the scene and start from the beginning…! ( feel free to skip) I am one of those people that like to be in control, if I am planning a holiday then I like to do my research and plan months ahead..  I like to be prepared!!! when the opportunity came up to go Istanbul  – I was ummm’ing and ahhhh’ing for a while and in the end it became very last minute for my liking but the only time I can get away is during school holidays and the deals were much cheaper at this time of year for Istanbul, I wasn’t prepared to pay premium peak season rates for a quick break. – I would rather do long haul for a similar cost. I was pre-warned it would be cold and I asked people (via instagram) whether it was worth going during winter…  I did get a very varied response but in the end my son said its better to go somewhere than nowhere..! so we booked..! it was our first holiday with just the 2 of us and I was a little nervous about how my son would find it as we have always taken my nephews on our family hols and its just much more fun in general when there is more company. I knew I wanted a luxury hotel in the Sultanahmet area (best area to stay in for the proximity to blue mosque and main museums)  I was considering Hotel Sura Hagia Sophia (the location of this hotel is awesome but the bathroom reviews on Tripadvisor put me off) and I went with a relatively new hotel called Ajwa.  Can I just say this hotel was luxury..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. I didn’t take any bathroom toiletries as they had all molten […]

I just wanted to share some fab images from a collaboration shoot with fantastic couture retailer Chamak by Kohl, Deepdale Road, Preston, PR1 The fantabulous images were captured by my super talented Asia Burrill who also does wedding photography  

Hey there, SO, this is a personal post which a lot of MUA’s / wedding vendors will probably relate to, but I also wanted to share this with people planning to book an artist/ vendor.  This is something you need to consider when trying to book someone. I don’t mean to sound like I’m complaining or that I don’t appreciate the work.  I know I’m very lucky to be in a job I love doing and have such a passion for…!  But I also believe that having a life outside of my job means I can provide a better service to my clients.  Happy MUA means fantastic Makeovers..!! So heres the explanation…… As a single mother of a young child, I do have set times I work in order to provide the best service I can to my clients but also trying to maintain a balance for ‘mother and son’ time. I work from 8.30am – 3:00pm on clients, brides, trials and then I catch up on quick admin during the evenings from 9:00pm to midnight sometimes.. If I’m feeling burnt out then yes I refuse to work after 7:00pm and I put my phone/diary/laptop away..! So although my working day is broken up I am still working a full 38 hours during the week.  And then on the weekends I could be working anywhere between 14 – 20 hours.  On average during busy weeks that means working 50 hours /7 days a week for months on end without a day off..! We don’t get paid annual leave, we don’t get sick pay, we don’t get sympathy – if we are ill no-one cares – we get out of bed and go to work to beautify our clients with a smile (or a cough).  That is the nature of our job. […]

I know followers will be disappointed on my lack of posts.. life is way too busy and thats a really good thing. 🙂 I wont promise a date on my next post, but I will post it on my social media when I get a chance to write it up (Clarins moisturiser vs Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream).  You can follow me on Instagram: @shafika_makeupartist or Facebook: Shafika Sodawala So today’s post is about my favourite brushes. These are an American brand called Glamcor.  Im going to tell you about my fave brushes from their range. I need to specifically talk to you guys about the quality of these brushes.  The handles are smooth and dense. They are a white colour. Glamcor made them like this to ensure you CLEAN your brushes. There is nothing worse than manky / dirty brushes.  Their ethos as you will see on their youtube videos do focus on keeping your tools/ workstations / makeup clean and sanitised. Their website is FINISH BRUSH   So I have bought a lot of items from the Glamcor brand and I love them all individually.  With my initial purchase of the portable case, lighting, trolley and bag, the Glamcor team were kind enough to send me a complimentary “Finish Brush” and to say it was love at first use is putting it mildly… This brush is just amazing especially when used to apply liquid/ cream foundations. I use it now mainly  to buff the foundation into the skin and the name is very apt, the ‘finish’ this brush gives is unlike any other I have used.  If you see my  real client work on FB or insta, all of my finishing/ foundation work is done with this brush or the buffer brush. I use nothing else for foundation work.  Again […]

Sigma Glove

Hello there..! So 1st of all thankyou for coming over to the ‘so-called’ blogging section of my website. I will try to be an avid blogger from now on.. I promise..!! (I wished..!).  Yes I did start the blog with the intention of being an extremely informative MUA (makeup artist) but unfortunately or maybe fortunately I just dont have the time to spend writing..  I get my quick fix of social media/ networking from Instagram and Facebook ( so last year.. i know..!) Okies so this blog post which is self explanatory is a totally honest product review.  *Disclaimer* The opinions are my own and are in no way affiliated to anyone else.. Yes I caved in like the makeup junkie I am and bought the Brush Cleaning Glove.. I got the SPA  X2 – which has 2 thumbs on it thinking this is amazing… It promises a deeper faster clean. With over 100 brushes to wash in one sitting I want to save time..! It cost me £34.95 plus £3.00 for p&p – so immediately thats a lot of money for a silicone glove which quite frankly is not that different from the oven gloves.  My expectations were high – I ‘expect’ my brushes to be super clean and not take me long to do it..!!   So the packaging is simple which is fine I guess but the 1st negative comment – it doesn’t come with any instructions.. Yes its pretty basic to use, why do i need instructions you ask..?! well I wanted to know the best way to use the product.  There is a barcode thing at the back of the packging which tells me to scan to see some video.. but I haven’t figured that out.. Inside the silicone glove is also a towel type […]